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Currently, we are doing a series on Genesis. Take a listen as Pastor Jonathan and Pastor Joshua expound on the rich gospel implications found within this wonderful book. Additionally, our sermon archive includes these materials:

  • A series-within-a-series entitled "Diamond on a Black Cloth" taken from Romans 3, which explores the gospel's ability to free us from specific sins.
  • A six-week series during our Bible study time from pastor Joshua Jenkins on "Christ in the Parables"
  • "Romans": an in-depth look at one of Paul's masterpieces
  • A look at covenant theology via Genesis
  • Our "Fifth Sunday, First Look" sermons which give us a chance to explore some of the smaller and lesser-known books (Jude, Obadiah, Nahum, 2nd John, Joel, 3rd John, Philemon, etc)
  • A sermon series entitled "Summer of Joy", which is a look at the rich truths from Philippians
  • An extensive series entitled. "Back to the Beginning", which covers the first 11 chapters of Genesis
  • "Letters for Hope: Christ's Letters of Hope for Struggling Churches" from Revelation 2 and 3
  • Further, the archive has lessons and messages from our Bible study time. This includes our teaching (so far) through the 1689 LBC, a series on evangelism, as well as messages and breakout sessions from our Hope for the Family conferences.