Since we are a church plant, there are inherent challenges which provide ample opportunities for God’s people to covenant with each other and work together. Here are a few ways to do that:

· Pray: We greatly appreciate and even expect that God’s people will pray for each other. Please pray that we will stay faithful to Scripture, that our elders will lead in a Biblical manner that is above reproach, that all of our families will stay committed to discipleship and evangelism, that God will use us to reach those around us geographically and within our spheres of influence, and that we will see others come to Him through our obedience.

· Volunteer: You may belong to another church, but perhaps you’d be interested in helping with a service project here in the area, or assisting with one of our family conferences this year or next. We’d love to have extra hands joining with us for God’s glory! Make sure we have contact information for you, and we’ll keep you apprised of opportunities.

· Give: We would be happy to partner with you to support this church plant on a consistent basis. If you would be willing to commit any dollar amount on a weekly or monthly basis, please take time to visit with one of our pastors or deacon. If God leads you to bless us with a one time donation, then please accept our thanks in advance. If you require a receipt for tax purposes, please make sure we have the necessary information.

· Donate: There are always varying needs with any church plant - everything from paper products to A/V equipment. If you are interested in, or have information about, any type of donation that might benefit a new church, please see one of our leaders.