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Join us Jun 12-14, 2015 for our third annual retreat!



2015 Theme: "Family Matters"



What: Hope for the Family Retreat

When: Jun 12-14, 2015

Where: Baptist Hill Assembly (Mt. Vernon, MO)                            

Price: $45 (single) $65 (couple) $120 (family)                               

Social: facebook.com/HopeBaptistChurchSpringfield






2014 Camp

Theme: "The Gospel &..."

"The Gospel & Nothing = Everything"

"The Gospel & the Power to Change"

"The Gospel & the World"


Friday (4/25)

3-5pm            Check-in: Register, Pay, Get lodging

5:30pm          Dinner

7:00pm          Opening message - “The Gospel & Nothing = Everything”

8:15pm           Fellowship, Snacks, Games

Saturday (4/26)

7:45-8:30am    Breakfast

9-9:10am         Praise & Prayer

9:15am            Breakout/Workshop

10:00am          Break

10:15-11am        Breakout/Workshop

11:00am           Free

12:00pm          Lunch

1-5pm              Activities (group games, scavenger hunt, hikes, naps, etc)

5:30pm           Dinner

7:00pm           Message 2 - “The Gospel & the Power to Change”

8:15pm            Fellowship, Snacks, Games, Scavenger Hunt results

Sunday (4/27)

7:45-8:30am    Breakfast

9-9:10am          Praise & Prayer

9:15am             Breakout/Workshop

10:00am          Fellowship

10:15am           Worship service, Message 3 – “The Gospel & the World”

12pm               Lunch

2:00pm           Clean up, pack up, saddle up!


                      Biblical Entrepreneurship

                      A Biblical Family Economy

                      The Gospel in the Family

                      Setting the Story Straight – Proper Principles from Popular Bible Accounts


For questions or reservations, please email: contact@hopebaptistspringfield.com