During a recent Basic Training for Church Planters in Jefferson City, I came back with a wealth of material, but they specifically talked about your church’s “DNA”, and asked what three things you wanted to do well in the coming year.

Subsequently, here are some things that we want to have as "distinctives" of HBC in the coming year, especially as we move to our new location.

Preaching the gospel

- I want to hear this sentence sometime in the next year from someone who knows or visits our church: "Wow, they are really obsessed with the gospel!"

- As a church, I want to see us driven to find out how the gospel influences every area of our lives...

- The gospel is the most important fact in all of history, and it's the most important thing for every decision and action we take...I want to see us grow into that. 


- I want to see us become a church that is radically prayer-minded

- I hope to start a prayer service before each Sunday service, beginning sometime in October.

- I would say that this is already a distinctive about us, but as I mentioned Friday, I hope to see us have an even greater "realized vision" of how wonderful the home is as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. 

- I'll say again, my prayer is that EVERY single member of our church would at some point be moved to pursue avenues to work out James 1:27 by caring for widows and/or orphans. 


- This one will be tough, but especially as we move into a new home, and especially because our new church home is surrounded by a community...we MUST become serious about reaching out to the lost and penetrating the community surrounding HBC. 

- We are going to provide more opportunities to preach the gospel and reach out to the lost, and I pray that EVERY one of our members would catch a vision for being a church that sees the lost become found. 

- I am planning to take a church mission trip to Uganda next summer, and I hope that others from HBC will join me (more to follow).

Church Planting

- I want HBC to plant a church in the next 6-8 months.

- That may not necessarily mean another one here in the greater Springfield area yet, but there are very viable opportunities to be involved in a church plant overseas. We MUST get serious about duplication.


- I was asked at camp if our church is "safe" for someone who isn't a "homeschooling, family integrating, reformed" family...and my answer is "it has to be!"

- I want everyone in our church to be able to answer this question: "How do you take a newborn Christian who doesn't know the OT from the NT, and equip them to grow in personal holiness and become a disciple maker themselves?"

We are not called to be comfortable, we are commissioned to be "on mission"....so I hope and pray that you might catch even just a tiny sliver of this vision, and pursue it with us over the coming year.