Church Clean-up Schedule

Date                            Kitchen & Sanctuary                   Bathrooms, Trash, Cry Room

Oct. 6th                        Pastor Kevin’s family                    CK Hicks, Weisbrods

Oct. 13th                       Pastor Brandon’s family                Shane Family

Oct. 20th                       Noble Family                               Jack Dodd Family

Oct. 27th                        Van Horn Family                          Stargell Family

Nov. 3rd                         Pastor Jonathan’s family               Church Family


Kitchen:                All dishes washed, dried, and put away.  Floor swept and mopped if needed. Trash emptied and new bag in can.  Take trash to door.

Sanctuary:            Pews checked for trash and items. Empty trash and put new bag in. Take trash to door.  Floor vacuumed.

Bathrooms:          Sinks & toilets cleaned.  Floors swept and swiffered. Trash emptied, new bag in can and trash to door.  Restock paper items, or soap if needed.

Cry Room:           Put items away.  Trash to door, new bag in trash, vacuum room. Wipe down table.