Wednesdays, 6:30pm

Question 1: What is BC?

Answer: BC is our new Wednesday night service, "Basic Christianity"; we'll be walking through the basics of the Christian faith as they're presented in the book of Romans. The most basic fact of the Christian faith is the gospel. In fact it's THE key to Christianity. Every single thing we believe hinges on, and is affected by, the gospel.

Question 2: What is the gospel?

Answer: The gospel is “good news”. Literally, that's what the word gospel means.  The gospel is the good news that God has acted in this world, through His Son, to save people who are sinners. The gospel is the message that Jesus, God's son, came to earth, lived a perfect life (something we could never do), died a bloody death (one that we deserved to die), and then rose from the dead! He did all this so that anyone who trusts Him could be forgiven for all the wrong they've ever done, and spend forever with Him.

Question 3: Why is that good news?

Answer: Because we are bad people. I know that's not popular to say in a world where everyone believes that people are generally good. But all people have offended a holy God. He created this world and everything and everyone in it, and He deserves to have a say in our lives; but we've told Him no, we've spat in His face, and we've refused to give Him a say in our lives by breaking the standard that He's set for our lives - the Bible calls this sin, and God says that sin has to be punished. Therefore, the gospel is good news because it tells us that the God who we've offended has made a provision for us to escape His judgment. Instead of being separated from Him, we can live with Him and have fellowship with Him forever.

Question 4: Why Romans?

Answer: Because the entire book of Romans is really all about the gospel. The guy who wrote it is named Paul, and from the first pages, he says that if there was anything he could teach people about, it would be the gospel. If there was anything that he could preach to anyone and everyone, whether they were religious or not, Christians or atheists, saved or lost, if there was anything that he could tell them, it would be the gospel.

We feel the same way Paul felt. There is nothing more important in this world than knowing how to escape death. That's the main occupation of everyone in this world, from doctors, to health nuts, to drug addicts. We're all trying to escape what we know to be true - that this world, and everyone in it, is messed up and dying.

The gospel is the way out. It's the way to be fixed, and to be saved. I hope that you join us on Wednesday nights as we begin to walk through the basics of what it means to be a Christian.